Anne Hathaway

I have never felt Anne Hathaway was a sincere person. In the past I was a fan of some of her movies, until I started to pay attention to her as a person and not her characters. She is a pretentious snob and if she thinks her appearance on Lip Sync Battle was going to show her differently, she's got another think coming. There is no way I watched that thinking, oh she is down the earth and fun. My opinion on the whole situation and any other appearance she's made on talk shows etc. is that she's trying too hard. She's been trying to hard. I have no problem if you're a snob and you believe you're better than everyone. My problem is with someone who is phoney and trying to portray themselves as something other than who they are. She needs to stop trying so hard to be liked. Some people will like her, some won't. Whichever way people decide to go shouldn't be her concern. Who cares if you're liked or disliked... just be you!


~Christa Lynn

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