Christina Milian

Sweet girl... as far as I know. Obviously I do not know her personally, but her public persona is very sweet. Two years ago she was kicked off Dancing With the Stars when she was the first dancer of the season to score a 10. Everyone was in shock since she was doing so well by the judges. Myself, not so much. Brant Daugherty could not understand it. Worried, he stated she has a huge fan base. *shakes my head* Not so much Brant. To be honest I felt Christina has dropped off the face of the earth just a tad bit as she hasn't released an album in a long while. I do not feel this way for this reason alone. The feeling also comes from the fact that my children don't even know who she is. When the season started both my children questioned me about her. No matter my kids age, they are both really into music and it's a big part of their lives. I'm certain whatever fans she once had like any number of dancers on the show slightly more. As I stated above, I believe she's sweet, but there were a lot of other celebrities that season that I prefer.


To recap, I'm sure Ms. Milian could have made it further if she had been in the spotlight recently. Unfortunately, the younger generations do not know who she is. 


~Christa Lynn

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