Sharon Osbourne

There was a time I didn't know who Sharon Osbourne was, or her family. Then I started dating this boy who was obsessed with Ozzy Osbourne. I married that boy, and eventually came the Osbourne's reality show. I sat through it for him. In time I fell in love with the family.


One of the things I've loved about this family is that they don't hide anything and they don't apologize for who they are.

With that being said, last week Mrs. O stated that the hosts of The View could go eff themselves. First off, I did not see this video, but I've heard by many she said it in a joking manner. I don't care if she said it jokingly or not, and my opinion on those women are not a factor in this entry.


What bugs me most is days later she issued an apology. A part of me feels like she sold out a bit. There is no need to apologize! You said it, you meant it, jokingly or not so there is no need to back down. If it was said as a joke, then who cares. If she said it and meant it, then that's her opinion. No one should have to apologize for their own opinion. Sadly, I lost a tiny bit of respect for Mrs. O the moment that apology came out.


~Christa Lynn

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